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Hide-the-Word Wednesday: Of Polls and Pundits

on October 28, 2015

Do you know what’s happening tonight??  You might think I’m referring to Game 2 of the World Series.  But it’s also the night of the third debate of the Republican candidates for president.  It’s likely to last at least three hours, and I will be firmly planted in front of the TV for all of it, as I was for the previous two, and as I was two weeks ago for the Democratic debates.

It was just about a year ago that I professed my love for political punditry.  My second favorite thing about Sundays is listening the Sabbath gasbags (a term I use affectionately) dissect the news on the morning talk shows. And I’m not sure which I enjoy more—hearing the journalists and analysts talk politics, or doing the talking myself.  Once I get going, it’s hard to shut me up!

Imagine if I were always so excited, so enthusiastic, so passionate when talking about Jesus!

And while politics have some importance, how much weight will tonight’s debates carry in eternity?

Two podiums on a stage, with a gold-starred and blue background

image credit: washingtontimes.com

Do you ever find yourself more passionate about your hobbies and interests than about Jesus?


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